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I am co-creator of Full Nelson Theater with Paul Newell and co-creator of Marked Men Films with Mark Jantzen.

Kindness is more important than creativity.

I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I think when we die, whatever is waiting on the other side will be completely unexpected.

I am a father above all else.

Why am I living in this particular body out of the 117 billion people who have ever lived on this planet?

I'm into Annie Baker, Conor McPherson, Martin McDonagh, anything Olive Kitteridge, Michael Chabon, Japanese maples, pancakes, road trips, Maine, Los Osos, Ghost Ranch, Brandi Carlile, ...

I am an identical twin.

Sacrifice comes at a cost you're willing to live with.

I am from California and I have two degrees from UCLA.

This is not the life I imagined as a child.

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